Dragons Breath & The Magic Of Tapping


Linda Graham and Penny Rush provide a magical read for children and useful resource for adults with their delightful book Dragons Breath and The Magic of Tapping.  There are two stories aimed at the primary school age group. The first story is about a dragon called Breeze and a High Priestess, who teach the children of Peace Valley, how to use their breathing to alleviate emotions.  The second story is about a Fairy Godmother and her dog called Molly, who show children how to tap various points on their face and bodies to release trapped emotions.
This book has already received a lot of attention from parents who welcome the life-skills it can give their children. The children love the Dragon, Breeze and Molly the dog and the story is delighting young readers everywhere.
Both stories are brought alive with the illustrations of enchanting characters by Linda Graham.  This educational book will continue to introduce new generations of children to the art of being at peace with themselves

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Format:       Paperback
Publisher:   Winterbone Publishing

Publication Date 01/09/2014
ISBN 978-0992663018


I read this book to my 7 year old daughter. It was fantastic to see her relate her own emotions to the characters in this book so easily. She loved practising the Dragon's breath - a simple, fun and yet powerful technique for calming emotions and getting through life's little challenges! And the tapping added another dimension to the teaching so cleverly woven into the two stories.

Highly recommended for children (and adults!!) Yes, a great way to remember to use breathing to calm ourselves too!

Angela Hahn

I read the book with some of our 4yr olds who enjoyed the stories and did follow the breathing as we read the story. I read the book myself first to familiarise myself with the stories and picked my moment to read it when i felt the children were ready.  I found the boys in particular much calmer after reading the story.  I would like to try the second story on a different group of children and will let you know how that goes.

Yvonne Hamilton - Pre-School Manager

I have just finished reading your incredible story book to my four year old daughter.  Oh to say we laughed is an understatement!!!! The Dragons Breath was SO much fun.  I can see that being a really useful technique for us both. I can honestly say we fell around the room laughing while roaring our aaaaaaggggghhhhhhssss out! Your story on tapping also went down well. It was so cute, I walked out of the room only to come back in and find her with her two fingers tapping her head whilst looking at your diagram at the back of the book.

I can't wait until my other two come home from school cos I just know they too will love these stories and the pictures too. We're sure to have many more laughs this afternoon, I can't wait!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this gorgeous book and for bringing these two wonderful techniques into my life. I am deeply grateful!

Louise Scannell

Hi Penny,

I think your book is great! I really like the inclusion of two stories and two techniques in the one book. AND the fact you are combining this with working directly with kids in schools. I hope that goes really well for you!

Keep up the good work.

Best wishes,

Steve Wells