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By Marie Winterbone, May 3 2020 01:48AM

Its hard to imagine where the time has gone since 2007 when I began to channel poetry from Angels which was eventually published with the launch of Winterbone Publishing in 2013. So many vivid memories of Angelic experiences of then and now. My daughter Karine was around 18 months old when I placed her in her car seat, she opened her hand and in it was a beautiful white feather which was the inspiration behind the poem "I know dear Angel you are here" with one of the lines "Because you put a white feather in my child's hand". I intended The Angels Walk With You to be a pocket book for adults so they could carry it around and open it when in need of comfort or inspiration but so many parents have bought it for children for their bedside tables.

Karine is now 14 and and an inspirational baker and muscian. My son Lewis was around 4 1/2 in 2007 and was a budding artist. He self-taught himself guitar a few years ago and left school with distinctions, is studying music at college and in a band and I know I am biased but he rocks! They are both inspirational. Since 2007 I have taught many students Reiki, Eclectic Spiritual Development workshosps, worked with Greene King at the Bull Hotel in Long Melford with events, workshops, paranormal dinners and my weekly Sensing Spirit class. I have been so inspired by clients' stories of how they have overcome some of the most difficult unimaginable challenges; I have been humbled.

I am writing my second book which is taking some time due to life stuff but it will happen when its meant to be, this is through Balboa Press part of Hay House which is very exciting, And of course we are celebrating Beltane one of the festivals of The Wheel Of The Year. The white ribbon represented the God and the red ribbon represented the Goddess.

Other coloured ribbons can be used on the Maypole which is the symbol of Spring, renewal and fertility. Beltane blessings to you all and may you achieve all that you wish for even in these challenging times for so many people that we are seeing with so many acts of kindness, selflessness, community, braveness and sacrifice. It also gives us an opportunity to realign and send blessings hope and love to all...with blessings Marie

By Marie Winterbone, Nov 19 2015 01:52PM

Journeys within Journeys


An act of travelling from one place to another

A long and often difficult process of personal change and development

Back in May this year I met a very inspiring woman - her name is Hilary Francis. She had travelled to our Mind Body Spirit event in Long Melford, Suffolk and told me of her spiritual journey she had shared with her late husband David T Donaghy culminating in achieving something they first said they wanted to create after meeting each other; Sing Nature's Song, a beautiful book about the Little People's Journey to bring music to the castle. I was intrigued......

So I made a journey to Hilary's home, another creation in partnership with David, a smallholding with a wood, orchard, herbs, vegetables and converted farm buildings providing sanctuary and peace to those that live there. And it was here to my surprise that not only Hilary was waiting for me but also three of her friends, two of whom live there and they wanted to hear my story, my journey of how I had become a publisher and more. So I told my story sitting in Hilary's garden enjoying the wonderful May sunshine.

And then I was introduced to a copy of Sing Nature’s Song, a beautiful story of a group of friends who teamwork on a challenging journey, a story not only told in words but in the thirty-seven magical pictures that David painted when he was very ill. And a book that was to join the world of Winterbone Publishing.

So I returned home and entered the magical world of The Little People experiencing their excitement as they commence their journey tasked with taking music to the castle, their fears and challenges weathering the storm to continue forward. They discover themselves as individuals and as a team trusting each other with some help along the way from the Air, Fire, Water and Earth Fairies. Eventually they accomplish their mission to bring music and joy to the Prince’s Castle and Kingdom.

And so I realised that life can be considered as one journey in itself but is also made up many many journeys within…..enjoy your journeys.

Sing Nature's Song by Hilary Francis and illustrated by the late David T Donaghy is available from our BOOKSHOP page at £12.99 plus p&p

By Marie Winterbone, Jun 23 2015 03:30PM

So to introduce Breeze who is a master at the Dragons Breath technique. He lives in Peace Valley with the High Priestess and loves to teach children all about Dragons Breath to help them feel happy. He can even help grown ups feel happy! You can find more about him in Dragons Breath & The Magic Of Tapping.

I remember magical dragons from my chldhood - a favourite film from 1977 is Pete's Dragon; Pete is an orphan who is helped by a dragon called Elliott who can make himself invisible and yet Pete can see him. He protects Pete and helps him to a happy ending at which point Elliott says goodbye as he needs to help another child.

And then there was the song Puff The Magic Dragon which is a story about an ageless dragon and his playmate, a little boy called Jackie Paper and the wonderful world of imaginary play. But Jackie grows up and no longer wants to play leaving Puff very sad. Perhaps he needed to do the Dragons Breath...?

And to a dragon who likes to speak to grown ups......have you met Pif The Magic Dragon who found his way on to America's Got Talent 2015? Just click on the green button to meet him!

So who is your favourite dragon?

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