Winterbone Publishing is run by Marie and Kevin Winterbone based in Suffolk near Bury St Edmunds.  We established our publishing business in October 2013 when we launched our first title "The Angels Walk With You" by Marie.  


The book was written back in 2007 and artist and friend Lucy Grossmith had painted magical pictures of Angels for it.  Although it was ready to find a publisher for some reason or another it waited in the wings until Kevin came up with the idea of setting up our publishing business to complement our existing company Winterbone Shamanic.


The Ethos behind both Winterbone Publishing is to provide books to promote empowerment, spiritual development, holistic therapies and self-help.  We are both professional therapists  working with individuals, groups and businesses with our coaching and mentoring approaches and have backgrounds in business, public sector, customer service managment.  We have many years experience of facilitating workshops and training.  We are also very keen writers and intend to write more books from our knowledge and experiences








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